Raw Power

No matter what you needed in a message, it simply workes.
* Display a coupon, they click from any device.
* Show a video. No problem.
* Link to another site.
* Enroll in a program.
* Update an agenda. 
* Describe a new item.
* Examine and then Purchase an item.
The sky is the Limit.

Works Anywhere on
Any Connected Device

On the side of a Bus.
On a Highway Billboard.

On a Street Sign.
In a Taxi Cab.

In your Store then different displays or items.
Entrance to an event then the different displays.
On a Fuel Pump to get them In the Store.

Display at a Museum or Zoo.
Tee Marker on a Golf Course.

Unlimited Uses.
Could basically be a Mini Website.

Page Loading

Numerous studies show that on mobile, if any page isn't loaded in TWO SECONDS the consumer is gone.

Developers spend countless hours working to increase connection speed, and just when they start to get close, Apple, Android, or one of the several browsers makes a change and everything starts over.

Take Google for instance. Every few months they come out with another algorithm change that throws things into a tail spin. They do this to thwart those S.E.O. so called "experts" who try to force site rankings. (We have a whole section on this subject.)

Language Translation

Developers typically try to use translation apps for websites or make their apps in different languages. The average business simply can not afford to accommodate the different languages. It requires a Lot of Work and for apps, a separate app for each language. Needing 6 languages requires 18 separate apps.

AppEVOLV™ to the rescue. Because of the unique and exclusive way it delivers the data packets to the server, language is no longer an issue, even on the mobile device. And that means ANY Language.

Give it a Try. Español - Français and as you will see the user can choose Any Language.

  • Once the language is initiated on the first page, every subsequent page is also translated.
  • The only things that don't change are the videos and graphics.
  • And even the videos and graphics can be done but that requires a more expensive approach and folks rarely opt for that, but even then it's Much cheaper than with apps.

SEO, a Big One

Other companies try and do what we have but all of them require the consumer to download an app.

Here is the rub. Google doesn't even recognize apps, in fact their system doesn't even rank them. For that reason, Google rolled out their PWA and AMP systems to compete with apps.

See this information on the "How we do it" link above.
bottom line, an App actually hurts your SEO rankings.

A CRITICAL area you simply MUST Consider, you no longer have a choice.

If you are doing business in the United States it's imperative that you follow the rules. Even if you don't like our appEVOLV™ system, you might want to pay attention to this section.

It affects both Websites and Apps. Most websites and hardly ANY apps are in compliance. In fact, apps don't even work that way.

We have a whole section on this and it's one you need to address sooner rather than later, and we show you HOW to do this for FREE!