The Cardinal Rules

Google started sounding the alarm three years ago.
They are Now putting teeth into their Mobile-First Initiative and sites that don't comply are being De-Listed.

If you haven't made significant changes to your online presence in the past 9 months, your site is probably already starting to disappear from Google Searches.

Remember the Mogilegeddon Panic?

This was Google's first shot across the bow and it affected every business owner. An unfortunate results was the formation of 1,000's of so called "Go Mobile" companies with their quick fixes and S.E.O. Experts trying to Force Rankings.
Just below the Wall Street Journal explains why Google did this. All those S.E.O. Experts who try to force rankings are affecting Google's ad sales. Google doesn't like that and their retaliation is swift and fierce, as so many have already discovered in the Rules section below.

  • "95% of All Local Searches are now from Mobile Devices." 
  • "49% of Mobile Users will Leave if a page takes longer than 2 seconds to load." 
  • "The Majority of Web Surfers are now Mobile Only, Rarely using a P.C."
  • "Over 80% of businesses who have made the step to Mobile are doing it wrong, significantly hurting their business." 
  • "Nearly 90% of Mobile Visitors will leave immediately if:
    - They must Zoom in and out to view.
    - The navigatin bar is hard to read or find.
    - The type doesn't adjust to their individual device,
    - There is No video on the first page."
  • "75% leave if the site is merely size-converted, not optimized for their device."  
  • "80% immediately leave the 'Shrink up' and 'Redirect to mobile' sites.
  • "The 'Shrink up' and Redirect to mobile' sites are now being de-listed!" 
  • "A poorly designed mobile website is worse than none at all." 
  • "The Expensive, Fancy, Graphic Designer sites of old are not only obsolete they negatively effect the mobile experience and are being de-listed." 
  • "The Template style sites have not only lost their appeal, they don't render well on mobile and are being de-listed."

It's not a matter of IF, but WHEN your site will be affected if you have ANY of the Criteria above.

Those that have already been affected in a Major Way are sites that feature: 
Wordpress - Template Based - Graphic Designer - Godaddy - Redirect to Mobile
Mobile Adapted - Mobile Converted - Shrink to Fit Mobile - .MOBI

This Link is Critical!  It talks about the latest GoMo Google Initiative.


The New Rules

More major changes were announced at Pubcon and this got developers scrambling. It featured the the WC3 and Bootstrap technology.


Progressive Web Apps

Then another Very Big Move when Google announced the roll-out of their new platform, Progressive Web Apps which is based on their new Firebase platform.
The reason is simple, FASTER Mobile Experience.


Google's AMP
Accelerated Mobile Pages

Shortly after PWA's came their newest, AMP.
A BIG feature, Google made these Open Source making them FREE with the right provider.
You no longer have to pay those expensive fees from the online guys. 


GoMo Announcement

In 2019 they announced Major Changes to their Web Crawlers and in early 2020 they began to lower the hammer, HARD.

The Google GoMo Initiative.

Algorithm Changes

Google has an aggressive campaign of changing their algorithms to prevent any company from Forcing artificial Rankings. The tricks these online scammers try to employ actually become devastating to the business owner.

When you break the rules to force rankings, Google will find out and that could result in your site being DeListed.

Google Owns YouTube

Google is gearing their entire system towards preference to sites that are MOBILE and have YouTube Video.
The MOBILE part is Critical.
These Rules of Engagement will make or break your business.
You are already beginning to see it. Noticed the little video boxes that are starting to appear on some searches?

Geared towards Quality

Many companies are just slapping up a poorly done video in an attempt to comply.
This Backfires!
Google not only looks for Video, they look for Engagement and if your video isn't getting traffic, that ends up being worse than having no video at all.

Google "Massacre"

Google has decided to fully inmplement the most dangerous warnings about un-protected websites, their Google Massacre patch. It's INEVITABLE.
It's a speeding train headed right for all businesses. Google initially decided to "soft launch" their changes, a "carrot" approach. 
BUT, with the carrot approach not working like Google would like, now they're reaching for the stick...eventually all HTTP pages will be marked as non-secure with a red warning triangle NO ONE can miss. 

Mobirise5 Progressive Web Apps

Huge Announcement
Added Features
  • Will forever change the Mobile Experience.
  • Can be Location Based with Qnow™.
  • DO NOT get wrapped into a company that charges a premium for this, it's Open Source.

Google's AMP

The First Step
Google first introduced AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and it was a Huge improvement in speed.
  • We have taken that format, along with two other systems, and created the fastest, most robust system in existence, Mobirise5 PWA (Progressive Web Apps.)

Open Source

Function over Price
Many of Google's tools are Open source, they offer function over price.
  • Our Google partnership means a MUCE MORE powerful system for you.
  • If you are paying a premium for this technology you are simply getting Ripped Off.

What's the Answer?

Begin with appEVOLV™.
Follow the rules outlined here.
Fire your Webmaster.
Engage folks with Qnow™.

The amazing thing is when all this is done your rankings start to improve automatically.

Google No Longer uses Keywords

Here is Matt Cutts, Google Software Engineer.

If you are geing called by so called "SEO Experts" and they mention helping you with your Keywords, you are about to be scammed.  Google stopped using keywords FIVE years ago!

Native Apps D.O.A.

Google has officially declaired Native Mobile Apps Dead for the Small Business Owner.

Reason: Cost...
That's another reason our ScanOfTheDay™ system is growing so fast.