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The Evolution of Apps

You already know that the mobile device is Changing the World.

It's no longer a matter of IF you do mobile marketing, it's now How Well You Do it.

Because if you aren't doing it well, your business will soon become insignificant.


A Proper Website is critical, but a Webmaster Isn't. For too long they have held us hostage with their exorbitant fees and poor service.

Welcome to the 21st Century with Google's Progressive Web Apps where You are In Control and you Don't Need a Webmaster..


New Technology takes care of all the fancy coding so your site works Instantly, on Any Device. And every time Google, Android or Apple make a change you are automatically up to date.

Best of all, it's Drag-n-Drop Technology that You Control.


The critical part is Page Load Speed.
When folks click and don't see anything, after just ONE SECOND they are GONE.

Google is now placing High Emphasis on speed and if your site performs poorly, there's a good chance it will be de--listed. And if that happens, it's Game Over.


Not More Expensive Marketing.

Your customers already looking for merchants to engage on their mobile device and if you don't accommodate them you run the risk of pushing them to your competitor. But this engagement MUST be on their terms or they will find a way to block you.

Businesses don't do this because their webmaster is not telling them the truth. Everything is always an expensive add on charge, and there are a lot of charges because every time Android, Apple or the Browsers make any change there is always another charge.

What do these changes mean to the Webmaster?
A Guaranteed Income Stream.

"You Can Force a Horse to the water but
You Can't Make it Drink.
Your job is to make it Thirsty."
Dr. Rick Mayer

It's the difference between Forcing information on prospects with web crawlers and pop-up ads, something they will Always find a way to block, or Giving them What they want, When and Where they want, and Pulling them in.

Involuntary Blasting vs. Voluntary Acceptance and Engagement.

When you give them what they want, when and where they want it, you have an engaged customer. But when you try to force it on them with all sorts of tricked up systems like banner ads, popups, gimmicks and geofencing to get them to click, they will ALWAYS find a way to block you.

Time for a change.

Time for a Change.

Time to Properly Engage...

PROPER Engagement is Critical.

A little later we will show you a better way to engage your customers with Qnow™, but for now we need to show you the system we use to make it all work.

You won't see this system from your webmaster because they know it just might put them out of business. 

Our Unique System

Time to take a look at some Answers.

You can Fight Google or Join them, it's Your Choice.

There is One More area you simply MUST Consider, you no longer have a choice.

If you are doing business in the United States it's imperative that you follow the rules. Even if you don't like our appEVOLV™ system, you might want to pay attention to this section.

It affects both Websites and Apps. Most websites aren't in compliance and hardly ANY apps are. In fact, apps don't even work that way.

We have a whole section on this and it's one you MUST address sooner rather than later. In fact, it's so important we show it TWICE.

Bringing the Control BACK to the Consumer